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Help for families with money troubles in Stantonville, Tennessee

For people in Tennessee, personal/ family debt levels consistently raising the pressure on marriages in continually increasing with roughly half of couples fighting over money, that makes money problems in marriage among the main common marriage problems.

As the saying goes ‘money is what makes the world go round’ and not having the ability to spend money on the important things you would like to spend it on significantly increases the levels of stress in a relationship for residents of Stantonville.

Cure for Financial Issues In Marriage

It is particularly challenging when couples:

• first get together after having it easy living at home,

• have only needed to take into account themselves before,

• have a child to consider,

• have been used to making good money and then hit by hard times or

• have just let their finances get out of control.

Living in Stantonville, Having enough money to spend is important and it is so easy for spending to get out of control. They often look at me and wonder why I don’t have any financial issues, well that one’s easy, I have never spent more than what I have earned and never spend all the money I have.

When money is short stress levels rise and with increased stress levels comes the constant bickering, the blame culture and other relationship issues start to arise. Financial problems in a marriage just compound marital problems and small things that were never previously an issue start to come to a head.

When husband and wife do not have the same opinions as far as the family finances are concerned, financial problems in a marriage become a far greater issue. Partners need to understand that personal finances need to be managed, expenditure planned and bills met even in harder times according to statistics in Stantonville, Tennessee. Families need to learn to focus on the real issue at hand, which is money, and not start picking at other aspects of the marriage which wouldn’t have previously been a problem.

I’m not saying it’s easy, trying to get your spouse to curb their spending habits is difficult especially when you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel but, if you don’t take control of your finances the problem will just escalate and escalate until it is totally out of control.

It is easy for those living in Stantonville to try to keep up with the neighbors and spend more than they should. You have to stop living beyond your means, take control of your finances now and make sure you understand what cash is coming in and what is going out. Write it down, see it in black and white and then eliminate as much of the unnecessary expenditure as you can possibly cope with.

If one or both of you have bad credit, consider using an ethical Dave Ramsey Financial Coach, like at Operation Care, to help you remove inaccuracies or out of date information. One of these financial counselors can help you increase your credit score, before you merge your finances in the marriage. Financial Coaching is available in Stantonville, Tennessee by video conference, telephone and via the Internet.

Set your budget so you can cover repayments plus a bit more (contingency), find ways to cut back and stick to it. Remember, higher repayments means less interest and more money in your pocket at the end of time!

Oh, and if you want to resolve financial problems in a marriage don’t forget one golden rule that will sort your finances out that much quicker – limit credit cards, if you have to have one then limit it to the one and always, and I mean always clear the balance at the end of the month.

Do not put debt on your charge card in an emergency and its 0% finance– remember 0% is usually only an intro rate. don’t get caught out with fine print and end up paying interest on everything you buy after that– transfer your balance onto an another card, make use of the 0% finance but don’t buy anything else using that card.

If you can’t stick to the rules and only spend what you can easily clear at the end of each month cut up every credit card you have. Don’t increase your debt.

If you want to save your marriage fix those financial problems before they consume your life. We recommend taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) before you get married or immediately after you get married. A Master Financial Counselor can help you work on a budget and a plan to eliminate debt.

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